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What is a Skylight?

A skylight is specialised window like structure that is installed into the roof, permitting sunlight to enter into the room the structure resides over. Having your own skylight utilises the natural sunlight in Perth, and provides a natural source of light that is visually appealing and energy saving.

What are the benefits of Skylights?
There a number of long term benefits from having skylights in your Perth home. Reduced dependency on artificial lighting through the installment of skylights can be achieved reducing your electricity bills. In addition to the energy cost savings, natural lighting is more visually appealing than artificial lighting with a softer look and enhanced colour of your home interior. Natural lighting can also facilitate attainment of your daily dose of vitamin D whilst in the comforts of your home, and the UV qualities of sunlight reduce the growth of mildew or mold.
Why choose the Perth Skylite Co. to install your skylights in Perth?

Perth Sylite Co. is recognised as a leader in natural light particularly skylight installation in Perth WA. Perth Skylite Co. offers wide range of skylights to suit every home and natural light vision in Perth WA and their products are also popular throughout Australia. Perth Skylite Co. offers installation of skylights anywhere in the greater Perth metropolitan area. Perth Skylite Co. also provides a 7 year warranty on installation and products.

What is a roof vent?
A roof vent is a small structure that is installed into the roof that enables warm and humid air and undesirable gases to escape from the building it is installed into. Roof vents are ideal for the Perth warm summers facilitating the hot air to escape and during cool months enable damp air to escape reducing moisture build up.
What are the benefits of having roof ventilation?

Having roof ventilation installed into your Perth home has a number of benefits. An efficient roof ventilation system improves energy efficiency in the home at maintaining a comfortable environment, improves the health of the home occupants and minimises damage to internal structures by mold and pollutants extending the life of your home.

Roof ventilation prevents the build-up of moisture in your home during winter to maintain air quality and prevents mold growth with is detrimental to house residents health and home interiors.

Hot air rises, and without a roof vent it is trapped in your home. Roof ventilation allows hot air to escape and enables home cooling during summer to be more efficient and less costly. Contact us for roof vent installation in Perth.

How much will a Skylight cost me?

At Perth Skylite Co. skylight prices are affordable and highly competitive. There are various models and sizes and also custom made options. Contact us on 0403 127 451 or visit us at 15 Vostan Road, Canning Vale WA 6155.

What are the different types of Skylights?

At Perth Skylite Co. we have a number of different shapes including round, slimline, square and rectangular skylights. Find out more about our skylights in Perth.

What size Skylights are available?

The most common Perth skylight sizes are 300,400, 500 and 600mm. We also custom make skylights. For custom skylights, contact us on 0403 127 451.

Where can I view examples previous Skylight installations in Perth?

For examples of how natural lighting introduced by skylights can improve a living space view our gallery.