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Roof Ventilation in Perth

Not just skylights! Perth Skylite Co have been installing roof ventilation in Perth for decades. Backed by 36 years of experience, our Breeze Master Roof Ventilation solution is Perth’s most effective preventative measure for the buildup of mould in your home or workplace. This is because it is engineered to effectively eliminate heat, humidity and dampness, targeting the core causes of mould buildups. By installing roof vents in your Perth home, you can significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bill and create a healthier living environment for you and your family.

With precision sealed machine steel bearings, balanced spinning action, and mounted in an Akulon fibre glass, installing a Perth Skylite Co roof vent in your Perth home will ensure quality and durability, with near-silent operation. This is why our Roof Vents will provide you with cool breeze during Perth’s hot summer.

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The Breeze Master Roof Ventilator is a free spinning roof vent that provides fresh air in your roof space and living area all year round, 24 hours a day free of charge. Live healthier with a roof vent in your Perth home.
Breeze Master Roof Vents in Perth is a self contained wind powered ventilating system so there are no electricity or wiring expenses incurred. A slight breeze is sufficient to spin the rotary turbines but even without wind it still ventilates.
Is your work or living space getting a little hot, humid or damp? It is time for Perth Skylite Co to install roof ventilation in your Perth home! This will reduce power consumption of air conditioners and fans and keep your home or workplace cool.
If your workplace is susceptible to industrial fumes, kitchen odours, cigarette smoke or even insect repellant, it is vital you protect your colleagues and yourself. With a Breeze Master Roof Vent, your Perth business can have proper air circulation which will create a safer and healthier workplace.

Why Install Roof Vents in Perth?

  • Installing Roof Vents in Perth will help you reduce maintenance costs.
  • The heat trapped in ceiling space can cause electrical wiring to dry and crack, therefore installing a roof vent in Perth can be an effective solution.
  • Rising damp in winter can cause plaster to crack and damage paintwork therefore installing a roof vent at your home in Perth will dramatically reduce paintwork damage.
  • Perth’s weather can significantly corrode metal fittings in your attic, but you can help eliminate this by installing a roof vent at your home in Perth.
  • Trapped moisture to cause mildew on ceiling and moulds on roofing tiles. By getting rid of the hot and damp air, installing roof ventilation in your Perth home or business will offer cost effective solutions.

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