Skylights in Perth

One of the most cost-effective solutions in reducing your power bills is installing skylights. Perth is blessed to have over 10 hours a day of sunlight all year round. However, most Australians don’t realise how they can leverage the power of sun under their roofs. Click here to see how skylight installations in Perth can improve your home.

Our Velux skylights at Perth Skylite Co have been some of our most popular products. These rectangular-shaped skylights provide natural light for your area, reducing any need for artificial lighting throughout the day. The Velux skylights also add value you to your home by providing adequate ventilation into the area.

We have been the specialists in skylight manufacturing, installation and repairs in Perth for nearly 40 years. Not every home requires the same style or type of skylights, but some of the most commonly installed skylights in Perth are as follows;

These skylights are designed for maximum sunlight penetration and for quick and easier installations.

Because of its oval shaped roof flashing and dome, it allows the ducting to fit easily between most rafters, reducing the need to cut and trim roof timber.

For a peace of mind on having an untampered roof, you’ll love our Slimline Tube-Lite skylights.

These conventional skylights are available in 5 sizes, and can bring natural light into any of your rooms. Using UV stabilised acrylic roof domes, these skylights are built to last with a guarantee for up to 7 years.

They are manufactured from Colorbond steel with lead flashing, and the joints are riveted and made from silicone. They are easy to install, and you can either do it yourself or have one of our skylight installations team do it for you.

This model is perfect for those not wanting to alter any solar water heater, pipe work or air conditioner ducting. This is because our Tube-Lite skylight uses a flexible ducting manufactured from triple-layered UV stabilised and laminated solar foil, which encases spring steel wire ribbing to make skylight installation a breeze for any handy person.

You can have this skylight anywhere you like on your roof because our Tube-Lite roof dome is clear acrylic. This means the dome material transmits the colours of the surrounding roof, enabling the Tube-Lite to blend in.

Our vented skylight model offers a gentle exchange of fresh air to brighten your home in couple of ways. It is perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries or toilets. With minimum changes to the roof design, our Tube-Lite Skylight continues to maintain a low roof profile and provide adequate ventilation. To find out more, speak to our Perth Skylite Co team for skylight installation in Perth!

Skylights Perth – Prices

Finding the perfect Perth Finding the perfect skylight and hassle-free installation for your skylight can be can be a bit challenging. Not with us, however, because our skylight prices in Perth are affordable and highly competitive.

We offer skylight models in various sizes. For custom skylights in Perth, call us on (08) 9343 0940 for a quote.


Some of the most common sizes in skylight installations in Perth are:


For a skylight in the toilet or a skylight in the walk in robe .


For kitchen, family room, games room, lounge room and dining room skylights.


For a skylight in the bathroom, laundry, ensuite or passage ways.


For south facing skylights or long ducted skylights over 1.5m high.

Round and Slimline

300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm diameter

Square and Rectangular

500mm x 500mm, 800mm x 500mm, 1100mm x 500mm, 800mm x 800mm, 1100mm x 1100mm

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7 Year Warranty on Installation & Product

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